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Destination Branding for Small Cities – Second Edition

In his second book, Bill Baker again skillfully cuts through the theory, advertising-speak and branding jargon to simplify and clarify the practice of branding small cities and downtowns for improved tourism and economic development competitiveness. This must-read primer demystifies branding, explains how to uncover a distinctive Destination Promise, and provides real world examples, as well as affordable, proven tools, templates and checklists to build a competitive and sustainable small city brand.

Bill Baker's book attracts praise

Tourism industry leaders, experts and educators give high marks to Bill Baker's latest edition of "Destination Branding for Small Cities."
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Baker’s writing style has been describes as engagingly direct and to the point, and his books are recommended as essential reading for anyone involved in the study or implementation of city and downtown branding.

This revised edition has retained and updated its focus on the essentials for successful destination and place branding. Among the additions are:

  • The essentials for successful brand planning for small cities and downtowns including new and updated processes, advice, checklists and techniques.
  • Explanations of the different forms of place branding, branding in tough times, selection of place branding expertise and the role of product development, placemaking and wayfinding in place branding.  
  • How to introduce a strategic focus to enhance small city competitiveness.
  • Interesting insights from some of the world’s leading place branding consultants, academics and practitioners.
  • Worldwide examples from the USA, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

While the title is Destination Branding for Small Cities, the underlying principles and processes can just as readily be applied to regions, counties, Downtowns, Main Streets, resorts, and even states and countries.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9849574-0-8

LCCN: 2012930054



The World of Brands and Branding

Why Bother With Place Branding?

The Challenges Of   Branding Places

What is Being   Branded and Why?

Prepare to Start: Mobilize The   Forces

Prepare to Start: Selecting Place   Branding Expertise

The Seven Steps to A Place Brand

Step One: Assessment - What’s Your   Place in the World?

Step Two: Analysis and Advantage –   What Will You be Known For?

Step Three: Architecture and   Alignment – What Are The Brand’s Relationships?

Step Four: Articulate – How Will the   Brand be Expressed?

Step Five: Activation – How Will the   Brand Come To Life?

Step Six: Adoption – How Do We   Maximize the Support of Stakeholders?

Step Seven: Action and Afterward –   How Do We Keep the Brand Fresh?

Appendix: Place Branding Glossary

Place Branding Education and   Coaching Programs


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