Destination Branding Strategy

The Destination Branding Strategy follows our time-tested 7A process and constantly yields breakthrough results. The 7As are the subject of Bill Baker's internationally acclaimed best-selling book, Destination Branding for Small Cities.

This carefully honed approach recognizes the special nature of branding small cities and destinations. It follows a consultative approach with extensive qualitative and quantitative research. It ensures community buy-in and a detailed understanding of your competitive landscape. And through hours "on the ground" we uncover your city's "heart and soul".  

A Destination Branding Strategy typically includes:

  • Brand Coaching: Every step of the way we demystify and simplify branding for all involved.

  • Brand Audit: We conduct over a dozen qualitative and quantitative research studies to guide strategy development. These are summarized in a Research Fieldwork Report.

  • Competitive Analysis: We pinpoint the city’s points of difference and competitive positioning.

  • Brand Platform: We set the brand foundation to include competitive strengths, brand personality, emotional benefits, and positioning.

  • Brand Messaging Toolkit: We present tagline options, key words, and the messages and guidelines for content marketing and embedding the brand in marketing communications.

  • Brand Design Toolkit: We create several customized logo options and a distinctive color pallet and examples for deploying the brand's visual identity.
  • Brand Style Guide: We provide comprehensive standards and examples to help maintain brand consistency in all graphic expressions of the brand.

  • Brand Communications: We provide guidelines for content marketing and embedding the brand in digital and traditional media, signage, and more

  • Product and Experience Plan: We share the actions to design and deliver exceptional experiences to support the brand.

  • Brand Blueprint: Our work culminates in this practical manual which shows how the brand should be communicated, managed, and monitored.  It will demonstrate how to deploy the brand through strategies, marketing and product development.

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