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July 14th 2014

What Does Phil Collins’ Love of the Alamo Tell Tourism Marketers?

It turns out that English singer Phil Collins has been captivated since he was five years old by the Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio TX. He has been so captivated by it that he has become the largest private collector of Alamo memorabilia by amassing over 200 artifacts...


June 30th 2014

Will Tour de France Boost Yorkshire, England’s Tourism?

The Tour de France gets underway in Yorkshire this week. Yes, that’s right, Yorkshire as in England. The world’s biggest annual sporting event will roll out of Leeds and wind its way through small villages and idyllic countryside. The event is expected to generate over £100 million ($170 mill.). While...


June 13th 2014

Seriously Dudes, You Want Tourism?

During the past week, stories from different parts of the world caught my eye because of their impact on the image of places and their possible appeal as destinations. Firstly, I was more than a little intrigued as to what the recently elected Syrian Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, had...


May 28th 2014

All Cities are Competing Whether They Like It or Not!

Several months ago while discussing the possibilities of conducting research for the development of a brand strategy we asked the executive director of a Chamber of Commerce, “Which nearby destinations and cities do you consider to be your main competitors?” She replied, “None of them, because we try to get...


May 13th 2014

What’s the Role of Airports in City and Destination Branding?

A recent post by Malcolm Allan at Place Matters about the role that airports can play in the branding of places caught my attention. In working with small cities around the world I have been struck by the disconnect between many airports and the destination or city brand of their...


Why the TDM Team?

We work with small urban, rural and coastal communities, downtowns, touring routes and regions to make them the preferred destinations for visitors, talented people, investors, and new businesses.


We simplify branding and deliver excellence in research, destination branding, tourism marketing, creative design and brand coaching to make them more compelling, unified, and competitive.


Our work stands the test of time and is always imaginative, practical and immediately actionable. We always look beyond the obvious to dig deeper. This allows us to join the dots in the most creative and unexpected ways. We don’t settle for bland, feel-good or pie-in-the-sky.



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