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December 15th 2014

How Can Downtowns and Main Streets Reinvent Themselves in the Digital Age?

Many downtowns and Main Streets across the USA and Canada are grappling with how to remain relevant and thrive in the digital age. A report by the Economic & Social Research Council – University of Southampton provides some very interesting observations and suggestions. While it was produced from the perspective...


November 18th 2014

What Can Times Square Teach Us About Destination Development?

Over the past forty years I have visited the Times Square District many, many times. I was recently there with my family and was amazed by the never-ending transformation of the district. Of course the sleazy side of the area was cleaned up decades ago, but the transformation continues. I...


October 21st 2014

Portland Airport Food Carts Embrace the City Brand

A few months ago I posted about the positive role airports can play in city branding and unfortunately how most airports fall short. At that time I mentioned that Portland International Airport (PDX), in my home city, is very much an exception. It constantly works at being a welcoming gateway...


October 13th 2014

Wise City Branding Advice from Vizag, India

There are so many misperceptions surrounding the branding of cities and there is barely a week goes by where we don’t see a place make a mess of their attempted branding efforts. Let’s face it, branding places can be tricky because of the myriad stakeholders, city dynamics, competitors, politics and...


October 7th 2014

When is the Right Time to Rebrand a City?

A month ago, I received a phone call from the convention & visitors bureau of a city we worked for about ten years ago. The Executive Director called to ask about the appropriate time to consider rebranding or repositioning his destination. My first response was to clarify the difference between...


Why the TDM Team?


G'day, in addition to conducting energizing Board Retreats, our sole focus is on creating destination branding and tourism strategies that transform the tourism and economic development performance of downtowns, cities, counties and regions.


We will work with you to create a rallying point to unite your partners around your city's most competitive and distinctive identity. A TDM brand strategy sets the directions for using one look, one voice, common themes, images and words to make the place as distinctive and attractive as possible.


For decades we have been creating successful place branding strategies and tourism assessments for ambitious destination marketing organizations (DMOs), convention & visitor bureaus (CVBs), Chambers of Commerce, and government agencies and national tourism offices.




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