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April 15th 2015

How Does Wayfinding Support Place Branding? PART ONE

The primary function of wayfinding is to guide people to places. It has a vital role to play in connecting the physical environment of the destination with the needs and emotions of visitors (as well as residents) who want to be stimulated, entertained, educated and challenged. It should help them...


March 29th 2015

Whose Place Brand is it Anyway?

Last week I was reminded of the fragility of place brands and how they need to foster deep community roots from the start of their brand planning process. The marketing manager of a small destination marketing organization (DMO) told me that his city had completed a brand strategy during the...


March 23rd 2015

Does Tourism Marketing Boost Long-term Economic Growth?

The most detailed econometric study ever conducted into the impacts of tourism-related branding and marketing on cities has revealed some eye-popping outcomes. The study, “Destination Promotion: An Engine for Economic Growth” was presented at the Annual Meeting of Destination Cleveland last Monday, March 16th. The study was conducted by London-based...


March 5th 2015

Does Place Branding Need a Rebrand?

The question as to whether place branding needs a rebrand because of the misunderstandings that surround it at times was recently posed to me by Samantha North in an interview for PlacesBrands. “I agree with the sentiment that there are many misunderstandings relating to the branding of places. I also...


February 3rd 2015

Branding a New Region: The Tillamook Coast, Oregon

Last year, TDM was invited to develop brand and tourism strategies for Tillamook County on the acclaimed Oregon Coast. This was an extremely exciting project for us because rarely do we get an opportunity to work with a “blank piece of paper” in a region with such a wealth of...


Why the TDM Team?


G'day, in addition to conducting energizing Board Retreats, our sole focus is on creating destination branding and tourism strategies that transform the tourism and economic development performance of downtowns, cities, counties and regions.


We will work with you to create a rallying point to unite your partners around your city's most competitive and distinctive identity. A TDM brand strategy sets the directions for using one look, one voice, common themes, images and words to make the place as distinctive and attractive as possible.


For decades we have been creating successful place branding strategies and tourism assessments for ambitious destination marketing organizations (DMOs), convention & visitor bureaus (CVBs), Chambers of Commerce, and government agencies and national tourism offices.




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