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July 22nd 2015

Are These Nine Tourist Icons Dying?

A recent feature on CNN warning of the dangers of tourism to some of the world’s most iconic locations caught my attention. While many places around the world are doing an admirable job in protecting their sites of great cultural and natural significance, some of the most unique and popular...


July 14th 2015

Who’s Killing America’s Summer Vacation?

During my years visiting, living and working in the USA, I never cease to be aware at how hard Americans work and how little vacation time they receive. Actually, the USA is the only Advanced Economy not to provide its workers with guaranteed vacation time. Employers are not required to...


June 22nd 2015

Will Japan’s Tourism Boom Lead to a Place Branding Boom?

Over the years many of my most well-travelled friends have said that Japan is the most beautiful and fascinating country they have visited. It turns out they were well-informed early adopters because Japan is emerging as one of the world’s hottest destinations following decades of sluggish visitation numbers. The cheaper...


June 7th 2015

What are the Greatest Opportunities in Branding Small Cities?

Branding cities of all sizes can at once bring great opportunities and also real challenges. Get it right and there can be great synergy, focus and prosperity. Hit the wrong notes and there can be lost momentum and wasted funds. Of course, the brand journey can reveal more opportunities and...


May 21st 2015

Is Your Tourism Marketing Tapping into Visitor Feelings?

In my book I have observed how successful places focus on delivering emotional and social benefits. They are concerned by how they will make people feel, rather than relying on boring lists, facts and details. I recently came across similar comments by brand strategist Megan Kent where she said, "Marketers...


Why the TDM Team?


In addition to conducting energizing Board Retreats, our sole focus is on creating destination branding and tourism assessments that transform the tourism and prosperity of  cities, counties and regions.


We work with you to create a rallying point to unite your partners around your city's most competitive and distinctive identity. A TDM brand strategy sets the directions for using one look, one voice, common themes, images and words to make your city as distinctive and attractive as possible.


For decades we have been creating successful place branding strategies and tourism assessments for ambitious destination marketing organizations (DMOs), convention & visitor bureaus (CVBs), Chambers of Commerce, and government agencies and national tourism offices.




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