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September 16th 2014

Is This the Year’s Worst Tourism Logo?

From time to time we see so-called destination branding strategies that are far less than stellar. Actually, many are just logos or taglines and are not even a component of brand strategies. But the recent logo design efforts of Haywood County Tourism Development Authority (HCTDA) is the worst we have...


September 3rd 2014

Tourism Really is About Small Businesses

After delivering a presentation recently a city official challenged me on the notion that tourism in his small city was “a business of small businesses”. I quickly convinced him of this obvious fact by reviewing the “mom and pop” motels and restaurants listed in his city’s local visitors guide. How...


August 19th 2014

Is Your Tourism Marketing Stuck in the Membership Rut?

Last week I spent some time waiting in a Chamber of Commerce visitor information center before a meeting. Glancing through many of the tourism brochures for nearby destinations, I was surprised to see how many did not immediately convey a reason to visit their community. They simply launched straight into...


August 10th 2014

Are You Missing the Customer’s Most Important Question?

At the invitation of a friend I recently sat in on a Chamber of Commerce meeting where one agenda item was the design of their new website and brochure. Once attendees started discussing the merits of the designs, I was immediately struck by how their comments were limited to their...


August 7th 2014

What’s the Value of Beach Tourism?

A few months ago I was asked by a City Manager on the East Coast why he should allocate money from his City budget to a natural public space such as a beach. This City Manager struck me as the kind of person who was a “numbers man” and would...


Why the TDM Team?

We assist small cities and regions create competitive destination brands and achieve their tourism development goals.


Our team of highly experienced consultants work with you to research, define and bring to life your most potent destination brand along with the tourism  development plans and training to make your destination more compelling, unified, and competitive.

Decades of experience and constant research has led us to know what works, what doesn’t, and what gets the best results.


In hundreds of places worldwide our work has stood the test of time and is always imaginative, practical and immediately actionable. We always join the dots in the most creative and unexpected ways. 



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