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November 11th 2015

A Name Change Strengthens Travel Lane County

In 2008, Total Destination Marketing developed the brand strategy for Lane County, Oregon. This large region embraces the Cascade Mountains, the McKenzie River Valley, stretches of the famed Oregon Coast, as well as the cities of Springfield and Eugene in the Willamette Valley. Research revealed that Lane County was not...


November 3rd 2015

New Book: Keith Dinnie Takes a Fresh Look at Nation Branding

My colleague, Keith Dinnie, has released his latest book, Nation Branding – Concepts, Issues, Practice. Keith is a faculty member at Middlesex University, UK, and the founder of Brand Horizons. This new edition has recognized the changes and setbacks occuring in the branding of nations over the past decade. It...


October 21st 2015

Yakima Valley’s Brand Brings Unity to Region

In 2008, Total Destination Marketing developed the brand strategy for the Yakima Valley in central Washington State. Comprising numerous cities, the Yakima Valley is one of the nation’s largest producers of agricultural crops. It’s also home to five American Viticultural Areas (AVAs), more than 80 wineries and over one third...


October 14th 2015

Is There a Cure for Slogan Envy?

I’d love to have a dollar for every time I have heard a line like, “what we need is a slogan like ‘I Love NY’ or ‘Virginia is for Lovers”. These envious statements are usually coming from elected officials or government employees who are making their first foray into place...


September 8th 2015

Why Isn’t Anyone Supporting our City Brand?

In recent months I fielded calls from two frustrated CEO’s of DMOs, one in Australia and one in the USA with the same question, “why isn’t anyone supporting our new brand?” Both had launched their brands about 3 years ago and were finding that their DMO was the only organization...


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